I'd like to tell you what happened when I was practising and preparing poses.

Several photos were taken and reviewed over several days.
Suddenly I noticed 'an orb' to my right. Strange to have missed it before as it is so prominant. Six of the many photos taken that day, were found to have orbs of some description, but many did not. The first one that was noticed was the one that was sent to the RAM listing.

 I had heard of these orbs but had no experience or knowledge. Naturally
an investigation was started and I now believe, (there is, at present, nothing conclusive,) that these are balls of energy of some sort, which absorb flashlight and expel it at a reduced wavelength. The digital camera, being an electronic recording device, can pick up 'near infra-red' light.

Experiments have shown these orbs to be consiousnesses of some sort; could be beings, thought forms, nature spirits etc. I have had fun directing my camera up into the dark night sky. It's very interesting what comes out, particularly little faces.
My fellow artist and model in our group was surprised to find several orbs in pics he took of three models over two sessions.
It's all good fun !

Grace (RAM model A1776)