Lenin at the KomSoMol Convention

Aleksandr Lomykin: Lenin at the Third KomSoMol Convention (1969)

Musical Interlude

Leonid Georgievich Filatov: Musical Interlude (1956)

In the New House

Nikolai Fedorovich Novikov: In the New House (1961)


Pavel Kuznetsov: Toys (1960)

Answering the KomSoMol's Call

Isaak Iosifovich Tartakovski: Answering the KomSoMol's Call 
(Reconstruction in the Donbass) (1952)

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I'll be on vacation until next Monday, when posting will resume.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Konstantin Mefodevich Maksimov

 A Warrior of the Chinese Revolution (1955)
 Russian Still-life in Winter (1978)

Sashka the Tractor Driver in Virgin Lands (study) (1954)

Valentina Savelieva

 Celebration (1970)

 Enisey River (1965)

 Family (1974)

 Morning (1974)

 Uzbek Singer (1961)

Women from Mar'in Posad (1965)

At the Airport

Boris Pavlovich Shvarkov: At the Airport (1964)


This is the Resin version of the Geara-Zulu. I had this laying around for quite some time now and never really knew how to approach it.

 I started the clean up at the start of the year because it was going to be my entry for the Macha Contest, but there where a lot of things going on in my life and I didn't have any real time for it so I put it back in the box.
A couple of months ago I came across it again and was so hyped and  just started working on it like crazy. Every Idea that came to mind, I tried to but in to this paint job. And that took me some time to do.

For example the main green color is, Tamiya Green then highlight with a Tamiya Green/yellow mix, then Top coated, than hairspray salt, then Aero color Gold orc Spryd from bottom to top, Then Aero Color Olive green from top to bottom. then decals and another top coat. after all that mig pigments and Ak Streaks. The Gold is all hand painted and so is the Skull on the Shield. For the Biohazard symbol on the Base, I printed it on a masking foil and cut it out.

I really am happy with how this turned out and I don't feel that I could of done anything better to date.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post ;)

April in Muftuga

Vladimir Fedorovich Stozharov: April in the Village of Muftuga (1967)

Gunpla Contest !!!

Still Life with Medals

Anatoli Yurevich Nikich-krilichevski: Still-life with the Medals of M. Isaakova (1951)


Pavel Fedorovich Shardakov: Milkmaids, City of Volgograd (1967)

Engels Kozlov

Engels Kozlov (1926-2007) was a Soviet painter granted the title of "People's Artist of Russia."

 Baking Bread (1967)

 Coal Mine at Inta (1963)

 Golden Autumn: Lady with Red Hat (1962)

Portrait of Aleksei Vladimirovich Kosov, Coal Miner at Mine No. 5, City of Inta (1963)

Aleksandr Georgievich Gulyaev

 Nomad's Tent, Virgin Lands (1955)

 Raisa Mittailovna Nevor, Golden Grainfield in the Virgin Lands (1955)
[this heroine of Soviet labor seems a mite...grumpy]

 The Nursing Mother (1970)

 Waiting for the Mail in the Virgin Lands (1957)

Winter in the Village (1966)

Nikolai Terpsikhorov

My Wife Nadya (1944)

 Ladies Walking Along a Country Road

 River Kama, A Tributary of the Volga (1950)

The Snows Have Started To Thaw: Early Spring (1946)

Turkmenian Weavers (1935)

Reading Poetry

Aristarkh Lentulov: Reading Poetry (1930s)

Autumn Landscape

Dmitri Nalbandian: Autumn Landscape (1954)