Nude with a Rubens

Vitaly Tikhov: Nude with a Rubens Painting (1920)

Politburo of the Central Committee

Pavel Malkov: Politburo of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party 
at the Eighth Extraordinary Congress of Soviets

A Son is Born

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin: A Son is Born

Feeding the Chickens

Antonina Aleksandrovna Dolinina: Feeding the Chickens (1965)

International Youth Day

Ivan Kulikov: International Youth Day (1929)

Hard Days

Anatoli Demyanovich Shibnev: Hard Days (1953)

Vsevolod Meyerkhold

Pyotr Konchalovsky: Portrait of the Stage Director Vsevolod Meyerkhold (1937-38)

Arctic Miracle

Andrei Yakovlev: Arctic Miracle (1934)

Welders at the Kirov Plant

Semen Rotnitski: Welders, Shurgakov and Yuksha at the Kirov Plant (1969)


Ivan Kulikov: Sportswoman (1929)

Nude in the Bathroom

Geli Korzhev: Nude in the Bathroom

Chico & Rita (2010) Pencil Tests

by János Szabó
And more Chico & Rita tests are in Szabó's Showreels (in the first reel from 1:33)

Still Life With Flowers

Nikolai Glouschenko: Still Life with Flowers (1956)

Turkmenian Hunter

Nikolai Terpsikhorov: Turkmenian Hunter (1950)


RAM life model is set to ride nude on horseback through the streets of Newcastle!
Model and actress Zoe Simon  in collaboration with Czech performance artist Tereza Buskova will stage the Corn Women project  in which actress Zoe Simon will ride through the car park beneath the old Commercial Union building off Newcastle’s Pilgrim Street to a musical accompaniment. The event will be filmed to be shown at a gallery in the city, in a performance involving Northumbria and Teesside universities.

Tereza, who is originally from the Czech Republic, studied fine art at Northumbria University before moving to the Royal College of Art and becoming feted in London and abroad for her talent. Her work has been described as blending “dreamy, visceral images” of nature and magic to reinterpret traditional Bohemian rituals and old pagan traditions.

Storming the Winter Palace

Vasili Vasilevich Sokolov: Storming the Winter Palace (1962)

Vladimir Pavlovich Krantz

Vladimir Pavlovich Krantz (1913-2003) was a Soviet painter of landscapes.

 At the Farm in Dubrovo Village

March in the Village

MSN-001X-2 DELTA GUNDAM KAI II by Gianshopao

I was Checking through the Mecha Lounge when I came across this beautiful Delta plus conversion by Gianshopao.

Actually he wanted to enter this in the 2012 mech contest but was to busy with important college stuff.
His intention on the kit was to make it as an updated version of the Delta gundam Kai thus the name delta gundam Kai II
I really like the work he did on this kit and it definitely shows how nice the Delta gundam Version Kai can look if done right. Everything is right on the spot, and looks very balance. 

Also he posted some of his WIP pictures. I think they show very nicely all the work he put in to this kit to make it look as cool as it does.

Another Masha

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Serov: Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, Masha (1961)

Model in the Studio

Tatyana Nilovna Yablonskaya: Model in the Artist's Studio (1954)


Cork Street, the iconic international art street, is in danger of being demolished and turned into luxury apartments.  The Cork Street galleries have created a public campaign to save it.

A rally will take place from 11am-midday, Saturday 13th October Outside Native Land's office at 10-12 Cork Street, W1
The rally will be a peaceful, artistic gathering of artists, arts professionals and local Mayfair residents and will include a backdrop of brightly coloured Save Cork Street banners.
A group photo will be taken - please come and join us.

Evening Coming

Andrey Gavrilovich Lysenko: Evening Coming

Birch Grove

Sergei Lyodgin: Birch Grove (1920s)


Fiodor Nickolayevich Zhuravkov: Weavers

The Harpist

Viktor Zaretski: The Harpist (1953)

Traditional Ukrainian Costume

Konstantin Vysotsky: Young Woman in Traditional Ukrainian Costume (1934)