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Hi Guys I just got 3 new models, there from a modeler from Russia and these are unofficial Tyranids.
I always loved Garage kit because there are so unique and feel like something special.  so far Hydrocast has only made three kit's the Hive Lord, Spore drop pod and the Mother of Brood.

I am currently working on my second tyrannofex and Tervigon and will be combining these to kits with the Mother of Brood, so expect a Update soon ;)

 for more info you can klick the link to his Blog.


The Mecha Lounge is a new forum for modellers.
For the most part this forum was made by members of MAC, Kamm, Aulon, Sneeper, and Myself.
We also got Great Help from Harry, Darkworkx,Beard, Hummingbird and DC23 who has been spreading the News like Wildfire.

If you would ask any of us, we would probably say that there are enough forums already.
And that MAC is the forum we belong to. In fact when the Idea first got laid on the table we all did
not want to do it.We all have Lives and jobs and family and making an new forum is a pain in butt (literally because we sit while we make it) and why make a new forum when you already have good community going on another one.

So why is there a New Forum ?

So like I said before we all have lives and working on forum is work, that means less time for modelling. And as most of you have noticed in the last few days Mac was down then back up and then on a new domain. This all happened while we are having a contest and everyone is going WTF? And when people do that PMs start going around like crazy ( why is the Forum down? where is the forum now? how can you do this while the contest is running? )

And when Kamm and Sneeper come home from a hard day of work, BOOM! PMs so they sit down answering pm after pm and the next day again.
This is important to do, so everyone knows what's going on, but unnecessary work for the two of them.

Now this did not all happened because the Admin of Mac wanted to be mean, He also has his reasons for moving the site and changing the Domain, he too has work and comes home and works on the Forum.
So the final choice was made for one that the contest would be in full control of the guys who organised it, and not lay unnecessary work to others. And two so that the Admins of MAC could go on with their forume as they see fit without needing to worry about other stuff.

 So basically everything just got a bit to big to control an overview on one single forum.

O.K I think I have said everything and hope that the new forum will bring you guys fun and that you all enter the 2012 Contest, Remember there are over 50 prizes you can win !!!!!

 I feel like doing some modelling now since that was not the case the last week XD will blog about it soon.

崖の上のポニョ / Ponyo (2008) - Character Design

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