Great Patriotic War

More paintings of the Soviet experience in World War II.

 Mikhail Kugach: The Return (Homecoming)

 N. Levchenko: In Partisan Woods

 Nikolay Repin: G. I. Zhukov, 1941

Nikolay Repin: Liberation


 Efim Cheptsov: Girl Friends (1918)

 Gleb Barabanshchikov: Picking Flowers (1945)

 Ivan Vasilevich Kozhevnikov: Election Day on the Collective Farm (1958)

S. A. Grigoryev: Admission to the Young Communist League


 Aleksandr Romanychev: By the Window (1968-71)

 Alexander Semionov: Leningrad in the Morning (1969)

 Mikhail Kostin: In the Stalin Factory (1949)

Valentin Bogdanov: Meeting at the Collective Farm (1950)

Mikhail Khmelko

Mikhail Khmelko (1919-1975) was a Ukrainian-born Soviet artist.

Forever with Moscow. Forever with the Russian People (Treaty of Pereyaslav) (1951)

 To the Great Russian People (sketch)

Unification of the Ukranian Lands

Dmitri Nalbandian

In the Kremlin

 The Great Friendship (1950)

The Crimean Conference (1945)

Trains Taking Away the Lads

I have no context for this painting, but I assume it's a depiction of young men going off to join the Red Army in World War II.

Leonid Kabachek: Trains Taking Away the Lads

No sorry no new kit....

but a Video of us playing Killing Floor, and we Fail :( but hey it's still fun :)

Showing the youngsters!

Angela Plater came to modelling later in life - and is showing us all what it's all about!

Her first assignment (via RAM!) was with Rankin and Channel 4 and she has been working with a variety of artists and photographers giving her a diverse portfolio. 
Her image has been hanging in the Amstel Gallery Amsterdam. She sat for a work by David Kretschmer 'Confessions' where she was invited to Germany to work. This image has now been published in the German Magazine PROFIFOTO which may be accessed online.
She has worked the catwalk just the once for the Cambridge Weight Plan Convention in 2011 and was highly praised.

She has recently been cast as a naked elderly lady in Terry Johnson's 'Hysteria' to take place in Bath at the Royal Court Theatre from July 23rd to August 18 then on tour for three weeks until September 8th 2012.

Well done - an inspiration!!

RAM life model Zoe Simon works with Tereza Buskova

Zoe works with Tereza - see details and photos

RAM Model Clifford Allison in short film

Well done, Clifford, on also being featured in Virgin Media Shorts.

Here is the link to view and vote!


 Boris Valentino Shaposhnikov: Beach Scene with Sailboats (ca. 1950)

 Engels Kozlov: Lenin's First Decree

 Klavidya Balanova: In the Artist's Studio (1948)

 Vladimir Serov: The Winter Palace is Captured (1954)

Vyachesia Mariupolski: A Leader in the Pioneers (Her First Report) (1949)

Konstantin Yuon

Konstantin Yuon (1875-1958) was a Russian and Soviet painter. I'm only posting his Soviet-era works here; there are many pre-Revolutionary paintings by Yuon as well.

 Gates of the Rostov Kremlin (1926)

 Komsomol Girls. Young People of Moscow Suburbs (1926)

 Military Parade in Red Square, 7th November 1941 (1949)

 New Planet (1921)

 Returning from Work (1930)

 The Holiday of Cooperation in the Countryside (1928)

The Komsomol Girls (1926)

Yuri Kugach

Yuri Kugach is a still-living artist who began his art career during the Soviet era.

Evening Rays (1980)

On Saturday

 Sunny Day (1985)

Wood in Snow (1957)


 Grigori Shegal: Kerenski's Flight (1936-37)

 Ivan Kozlov: Sports Day (1952)

 Sarkis Muradyan: Wedding in Hrazdan
 Vladimir Gavrilov: A Fresh Day (1958)

Konstantin Mefodevich Maksimov: On the River Volga (Stalingrad) (1947)

RAM model Natalie Adam in short film

Congratulations to Natalie, who features in this short film.

Have a look, and click or share to help her win!

The App - Virgin Media Shorts.

Rachel McCarthy on Life modelling

Well done to Rachel McCarthy, who had a piece published about her in Metro, London's biggest circulation newspaper.

Metro Life Modelling

RAM on Jeremy Vine Radio 2

Thanks very much to Zoe Simon, who filled in for Rachel McCarthy at very short notice.

The piece was about a model who had been made redundant.

Link to interview


Everywhere there are painters, there are nudes...

 Alexander Deyneka: Model (drawing)

 Alexander Deyneka: Model

 Alexei Pavlovich Solodovnikov: At the Beach

 Mai Dantsig: Female Nude Model (1957)

 Pavel Sokolov-Skalya: Forest Beauty (1948)

 Petr Konchalovsky: A Woman beside a Stream (1932)

Alexander Deyneka

Alexander Deyneka (1889-1969) was a Soviet painter and illustrator.

At the Opening of the Collective Farm Power Plant (1952)

 Donbass (1947)

 Girl Tying a Ribbon in her Hair

 Going to War 

 Seaside (1957)

 Still Life with Strawberries (1955)

Window in the Studio (1947)

 Moscow (1952)

On the Women's Collection (1937)

 The Dairymaid (1959)

The Young Designer (1966)