The Stalin Factory

Here is an artistic paean to Soviet labor.

Mikhail Kostin: In the Stalin Factory (1949)

Great Patriotic War

Here are some more Soviet paintings of the Great Patriotic War.

 A. I. Vovk: The New Order (1972)

 Boris Fedorov: The Morning of the Tank Drivers (1952-54)

 Georgi Nissky: Off to Defend Moscow on the Leningradskoe Chausee (1942)

 Gleb Savinov: Victory Day (1972)
[depiction of a family celebrating the victory, years later]

 K. Antonov: The Victors

 Konstantin Vasiliev: March "The Motherland's Lament" (1975)

 Kukryniksy: The Flight of Fascists From Novgorod (1944-46)
[about Kukryniksy]

 Marat Samsonov: Little Sister

Mikhail Khmelko: The Triumph of the Conquering People (1949)

Farm Work

Another set of Soviet paintings of farm work.

 Pavel Kucherov: September (1953)

 Pavel Markov: Morning on the Collective Farm

 S. F. Ivannikova: Saturday Work

 Tatyana Yablonskaya: Sacking Grain (1949)

 Valentin Bogdanov: Shearing Sheep (ca. 1950)

 Vladimir Zajarkin: Resting from Work
[I guess technically this isn't a painting about farm work]
 Vsevolod Petrov-Maslakov: Lunch in the Field

Vyacheslav Andreevich Fedorov: The Rye is Almost Ready (1955)

Stakhanovite Champs

Here's a blatantly political painting. In the Soviet era, "Stakhanovites" were overachieving workers.

Veniamin Sibirski: Greeting the Stakhanovite Champions, Winners of the Five Year Plan (1963)

Soldiers of the Revolution

Here's a depiction of Lenin leading the Revolution.

Vladimir Kholuyev: Soldiers of the Revolution (1964)