"Copy and paste" A Sazabi Update for those who dont visit the Mac Forums.

Ok so I have been a bit lazy the last couple of days. ;) 

Infact I am so lazy I just copied the post I put up in the MAC forum. But to anyone who doesn't go there I ask look at the cool smily faces we got there and tell me it was a mistake to copy and paste it.

The pics are not up to date I took them 2 weeks ago, but just didn't get around to post them. :slap:

The Kshatriya got in the way and I was hoping to get it done last week and then get back to the Sanzabi ;)
Unfortunately I didn't get it done, and after seeing Kamm's update I got ants in the pants. 

I dont want to keep them from you so here is what Kamm has done. 

So I put the Kshatriya off to the side and will focus on the Sazabi again. @_@ 
Before I get into the detail I wanted to get the basic form right.
I added the shin cover that I had left from the O and am now using them for side skirts. :blink: The waist looks a bit thin on the pics but as soon as I add the detail parts and the side skirts are in the correct place I think it will work out.
I still have no idea what I will be doing with the head so I will be keeping that of to the end.