The Vent Saviour

This is a small kit that I started before going on the build-off with Kamm. I see this more as a practice kit snd wanted to do something that wasn't heavily modded and just stick with the original design and add detail.
Since the MAC forum Wallpaper contest I decided that I will make a Wallie for all my new kits and since this is a clean kit, I tryed to make a Anime Look one.

It's very hard IMO to make a kit all nice and clean while adding modes, everything needs to be double checkt and sanded. And even when I was in the final stages I noticed new erros that I did not see before.
But I think that I got a halfway decent job on this and now I can get back to work on the Sazabi.

While I was top coating it, some of the blue color was damaged and I needed to redo it. These are those moments where I feel like the biggest noob on the world, I just dont know why this happend and how I can prevent that from happening in the future. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

The OOB built could not be posed very cool so I added some new parts to the legs to make it better poseable. I got the thigh connectors from Gary aka Hummingbird, He stripped them from the shoulders of his NG strike. Thanks bro without you I couldent of pulled it off.