Up and Down

My feelings in the past few days went up and down for some reason. Don't know if it is the lack of quality sleep, the excitement about the EUGC or the build-off with Kamm. Maybe it's the thought of getting on a Airplane next weekend ( I dont like flying) but I have to do so for my Job.

Anyway I decided to put the Sazabi to the side for a bit and work on the Vent Saviour.  I started this kit before I started work on the Sazabi and it's already in a advanced stage of building.

I feel kind of good getting back on it.
The Vent Saviour is a kit I want to do differently than my previus work, all clean and just try to make NG look like a MG by adding little details. I consider this kit to be more of a training kit, to practice new technics. I got around to do the first layer of paint on it but I still need to do some clean up.

So without boring you guys too much with words, here is a picture, I know its only one but my Battery was low and I dident bring the charger. No!