Sazabi 1/144 HG

Finally I can share with my Sazabi, it's been a will since me and Kamm got starded on this build off and I must say this is a real relief to finally get to show this.

As you can see I went for a Gray Red color scheme tha was inspired by one of my favorit games Mass Effect.
I have spent so much time looking at this kit that cant evan tell if I like it or not.@_@
But I always feel that way after I complete one, so I guess I just need to wait a few months before I can look at it with a fresh perspective.

Kamm was so kind to give me his funnel system decals wich where not included with the ones I got.
This was actually the first time I used Samuel decals and I must say they are very good.
I will definitely go with these in the future. Also this is the first time I used micro sol, and I dont know how I could live with out it, this stuff is Magic.

Anyway enough words here are the pictures and Thanks for checking out my post.

The Close ups

I did a Wallpaper again :)

The progress