This has been a long road for me to get this kit done. I started working on this kit as a relax built after i finshed the O, but layed it off till I got the Sazabi done.

The Diorama itself was planned to go with my Kshatriya. When it was finshed was not happy with the way it looked with the Kshatriya on it. The style just didn't seem to fit together, but the AC kit looked good on it,and so my decision was set.
As soon as i got the Sazabi done I started my work back on the two AC kit's, both of them were almost finished I just added the decals ( Which turn out very bad IMO and I didn't notice it till i started to top coat(I guess it was late and i was tired))  and did some work with pigments on them.

I realised that i didn't like the Bazookas and picked up the two chainguns. So all is done I Thought and started to take pictures. I looked at them and realised how boring this dio looked, ( DANG !?§&$) so I orderd a few figures and found a Army truck I still had. Paindet them and got the Pic's done.

BTW these figures are nice they are from a company called Preiser.Anyway now it's done and i can move on.

Thank you all for checking out my diorama.