I am now the proud owner of the Tyrannofex

This morning I was super hyped and full of motivation. I got up brushed my teeth had a cup of Coffee and speed-walked down to the Munich City Underground to catch the Train that would get me to my local Gamesworkshop.

When I got to the Store I was approached in under 0,5 seconds by the friendly clerk (Florian) whom asked me if he could help me. "Tyranids" I replied with my unused morning voice.He smiled and showed me to the Tyrannofex. 
I felt like a 10 year old boy again my eyes got big as I grab the box. I also got myself a Trygon Plastic kit, as I am the owner of the resin version of this it will be nice to see how the Plastic compares to this.
Of course florian tried to convince me to join the Gameday which is every Friday from 11-17h but since I am a working man this will never happen.

So lets take a look in the Box XD

The Box for the Tyrannofex is thicker than the one for the Trygon for no reason other then to give you the impresion that your buying a bigger kit. Which is one thing I dont like about GW, they tend to using cheap tricks to make something look more then it is. But I gotta admit I am not disappointed the stuff that comes with the kit is more than sufficient.

O.k that is all for now I need to get to work, I will update ASAP on this Sweet new Baby.