Tyrannofex Update 1

I thought I would have more done till now, but for no reason at all I just dident work very fast the last few days.

The first thing I did was to start kitbashing the head I don't like that the main head looks like the Swarm Tyranid one.
And the other one is mhhhha not my cup of tee either.So I stole the jaw and the forehead from the trygon.

 After placing the Scything talons which I plan to use I saw that  they are a bit to small. So I drew some new ones on a polystyrene sheet. I wonder if this will work out.

Next I worked  a bit more on the head getting the jaw to blend in.

You can see I did some work on the neck or back body in the background.  This was necessary in order to get the new head to fit due to the modification on the forehead it needed more room.

I hope I got some time to work on it a bit more and give you guys a new update before the weekend.
Thanks to all for taking the time to read my blog :)