DREHKSTURM 1/100 conversin kit

Finally I got it done. This is the 1/100 Drehkturm Conversion for the MG Zeta Gundam 2.0 modelled by Richard aka Thehelmosengine and Painted by... yes me :)
As a fan of Garage kits (there is some sort of excitement I get out of them) I just couldn't wait to get my hand on this kit.  This is actually the first kit Helmos casted and I am very proud to have been able to work on this. So how was it? Can it compete with all the other resin Mecha kits out there?

My first impression when I actually had the kit standing in front of me was wow, This looks so much cooler in real life then on the pictures I saw. I really like the bulkiness and the Design of this kit.

The first part was the Clean up, now not all of you know this but before me, Kamm had the kit and was working on it. Kamm had never worked on a resin kit before and was kind of overwhelmed by all the work that he needed to do. After spending quite a lot of time sanding and cleaning up, he stoped at about 50%, and asked me if I could finish it. So when I got the kit some cleanup had already been done and I am not sure how bad it was in the beginning. But from what I saw this kit was ok.
Its not the quality of a Neogread or a G-system but it is as I would expect a Garage kit to be.

 Assembling : This for me was the biggest critic and I told RC about this, most of the parts don't have a peg to guide you where they go which at some times can be a bit frustrating. But God invented our brain so that we would be able to invent a way to get this together by pinning the parts. In my opinion this a bit hard sometimes and is one of the main reasons this kit is not beginner friendly IMO. But all in all it worked out and I really love my drehky.

So if you like this Mech you can contact R.C here and get yourself one of these Drehkturm conversion sets.. ohh and did I mention it's limited.

Thanks Guys for checking out this post :)