Some more Tyranids XD

So my hive is still growing and growing, and today I got some more Tyranids to add.

First I got all the Hydrocast figures done The Drop pod, Hive king, and the Mother of Brood. I think I already said everything in my W.I.P treads before so here are the finished Kits.

Second I got my Plastic Tyrannofex done with a little dead Space Marine to his feet. hehehe just like Cats the Tyranids sometimes only eat half of there pray.
I still got on more to go but he was put on hold so that I could finish the Drehksturm for RC.
And as I was working on these little critters I got the Idea to make Somthing very very nice.
This will be Big News and I hope to give you guys some pictures soon but for now I cant say what it is ;)

 Thanks for checking this out guys :)