Dear Mr. Master Grade Sinanju, I hate you

Well, as many others before me I wanted to jump on the chrome red Sinanju Bandwagon but slipped and landed on my face. Yes, there are doctors that can help me, but my wounds are deep and my soul will be in despair forever.

How did it come to this?

Lets start at the start, back in 2010 I tried to make a chrome red Sinanju after seeing the wonderful work by no other than Matt Tomczek. At this time I had never seen such a awesome color tone on any kit before and had a plan, I want this and I want it now. All went well till I started topcoating it, the clear red started breaking on some places revealing the chrome underneath. No problem, it's not so bad I thought.

So I moved on, applying the dry transfer decals and shit got ugly. How to apply these things on the Sinaju will stay one of many life mysteries to me. So, no decals (I could not find any water slides at the time). It will still be cool, I thought again.
So I started putting it together (after repainting the part I tried to add the decals). While I was doing this some parts got scratched. No problem, I thought, I will just burn the kit after I am done. My mood was starting to go down.
Now the whole kit was standing in front of me with all its glory and all its fail.
I added the gun and the fingers snapped off. Oh fuck this, I though,t (I just glued them back on) after that I noticed the shoulder part that connects the shoulder to the torso was broken too. No problem, I thought, I will just order a new one and start all over.

So I started gathering all the stuff I need to make a Sinanju over the last few years. I got the waterslide decals and the metal thrusters.

Now in the year 2012 I have tried again and failed again.

I think me and the chrome red Sinanju were never meant to be. But still, I would be a bad sport if I would not share my fail with you.
And guess what? I have another MG Sinanju in my backlog, but this time I will stay away from the chrome clear color, infact I will never do anything like this ever again :(