DORA 1/72

Hi Guys,

so I finally finished it, well actually it was done quite some time now but I just didn't have the time to take any pictures. But now that I have the pictures and I can share with you my Doro.
I never was or will be a big fan of scale modells ( i'm just a sci fi fan)but this will be my exception.
The kit contains many small parts and a few really big ones. I had to add about 140 faucets to each side and I tell you that was not something that I liked about the kit. But that is also what makes it look good all the little detail is very nice once its all in place.

The color is all as suggested by the Manuel we have the Field Gray which I mixt with a bit of flat base. And some silver tones here and there. all in all nothing special.

This is what Wikipedia sais:
Dora was the second gun to be produced. It was deployed briefly against Stalingrad, where the gun arrived at its emplacement 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) to the west of the city sometime in mid-August 1942. It was ready to fire on 13 September. It was quickly withdrawn, however, when Soviet encirclement threatened. When the Germans began their long retreat they took Dora with them. Dora was broken up before the end of the war, being discovered in the west by American troops some time after the discovery of Schwerer Gustav.